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Waiver services are available to eligible individuals as an option to assist in living safely in a personal home or in the community instead of moving to a nursing facility. When eligible, the State will "waive" funding for a nursing home and spend the funds instead on assisting an individual to live in the community.  These services are called Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). HCBS include long-term services and supports (LTSS) which are offered through several State waivers. Each waiver has varying services that they offer and different eligibility requirements. 

Peace and Serenitycan assist individuals who are interested in learning more about and applying for waiver services. It is important to take time to gain knowledge about other residential  options available besides living in a nursing home.   Peace and Serenity would love to share our knowledge and experience to help guide you through the waiver application process and waiver service delivery. In the link below we have included a list of waivers  for both home and community based living along with their eligibility requirements and services provided. Contact us if  you would like to learn more about waiver services or if you need help starting and completing the application process. Access this course, Applying for Waiver Services, to learn the Steps to Apply for Waiver Services, to view the timeline for enrollment listed by the Department of Human Services, and for access to the sites and contact information of the Independent Enrollment Broker.

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